Friday, February 23, 2007

Wedding Night Stories

"What? Wedding night stories?" you ask. "But, I'm not married yet. How can I have a wedding night story?"

That's okay. I'm not looking for wedding night stories from you. But, you certainly have friends and family that are married. That's where you can help.

As a wedding planner, I always wonder in what unique ways the bride and groom will celebrate their wedding night. To me, the wedding night should be the most special, memorable, and romantic evening of your married life and should be just as carefully planned as the wedding itself. So, one day I was thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a resource out there for couples to get great ideas on how to plan for their wedding night?” That’s when the idea came about to put together real-life stories into a book that could be shared with others.

Some couples probably don’t even think that far ahead when they are so busy planning for their wedding. But, I think it’s just as important to really make that first night together as husband and wife as special as it can be. You’ll never have that night to do over again. Sure, you’ll have plenty of romantic evenings together after you’re married, but there is nothing like that first night. It’s just like having that first kiss, that first dance, etc.

Therefore, I am currently in the process of researching stories about how couples made their wedding night special and romantic. I want to know the creative ways couples made their first night together as husband and wife unique and memorable.

I want to know such things as where they spent their wedding night. Was it a luxurious hotel suite, a bed and breakfast or in their new home? What did they do? Did her husband carry her over the threshold? Did they use candles? Did they have wine, champagne, or something else? Rose petals tossed around? Did they have romantic music playing in the background? Did something funny happen? Those are the kinds of things I’m looking for.

With these real-life stories, I hope to help future brides and grooms get ideas on how to make their night special, romantic and something they will remember and cherish forever.

If you think your friends or family would be interested in submitting their wedding night story, please have them send me an e-mail through my Web site at: and I will send them more details.

Maybe their story will help inspire you to plan the most romantic and memorable night of your life.

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